VENA candy Bags

VENA [VÉNA] candy is a fashion philosophy of being unique, playful and colorful.

It is about materialising personal visions and thoughts of joy into beautiful wearable objects.

Each bag is completely handcrafted, with a lot of love and attention to detail, and from carefully selected high quality materials.

The Candy Store has a desire to sweeten up the reality, to transcend the everyday banality with joy, color and a story that each Candy and collection tells.

When you get a piece of VENA candy, you get an invitation to have fun, to unapologetically let your current mood be reflected in your own style; everyday in a different way. You get the “thumbs up” for not having to be categorised into fashion “boxes”, for not having to explain your styling choices. You get directions that point you in ways other than the mainstream road and standing ovations for falling head over heels for experimentation.

Enter a world of joy and fun, a world that is not defined by seasons or trends, and where laughter is expressed in colors.

Come get your sugar rush!