Fashion Trends To Expect In 2021

As we enter into a new decade, one thing we can expect is the transition in people’s taste for fashion. So, there is bound to be fresh and life-altering fashion trends. Considering the effects of last’s year pandemic, fashion trends in 2021 will be mostly about comfort and the overall aesthetic that we have to expect of bold fashion. Without further ado, here are the top trends to watch out for in 2021;

  • Crochet

Holes filled pieces like Crochet made lingerie, dresses and net clothes were one of the raves of 2020 fashion. People are starting to adopt crochet dresses for both formal and casual wears. Crochet designer’s are pushing the boundaries of crochet design dresses. We expect to see more of this in 2021 with more designs and weave sizes.

  • Tops and Trousers

Top on Trousers is a reliable fashion trend that is sure to keep dominating the fashion scene. However, this year, you can expect to see crop tops and full blouses. Also, V cut neckline tops paired with cargo pants, low/ high waistline pants.  Similarly, trousers that are A mouth shaped and straight at the ankle-length will be a common feature of people’s clothing.

  • Comfortable Slippers

It’s 2021, and slippers are a feature of our workplace wear. It is not surprising as the pandemic from the previous year has lead to a lot of remote work. With more than half the working population working from home, comfort is a necessity. Therefore, investing in comfortable slippers rather than heels are the way to go. Cause who wants to wear heels to a Zoom meeting?

  • Classy Feathers

Feathers might seem like an outdated fashion statement today. It would be a mistake to ignore their ability to bring class to any design. So, if you are looking to look edgy and maintain some form of high-class fashion, then you need to add feathers to your list of accessories.

  • Suits

Today’s suits bear no resemblance to the suits of the past that people often consider as stuffy clothing. Both men and women can wear suits as a way to make a bold formal fashion statement. While there might not be so many business events and conferences this year, any corporate event you have to attend is an opportunity to announce yourself by wearing a suit. 

  • Customised Clothing

Customised attire would take on a new look as denim inspired customised clothing will be on display for most fashion designers. Most will come with inscriptions and pictures that depict moods, believes, social stands and many more. Customisable dresses will be the rave as people will be looking at new ways to vocalise their opinions and thoughts. Also, the lack of restriction on custom dresses means that people will get an opportunity to express creativity with their choice of clothing.

In conclusion, as we march forward into a new year with new hope and goals. We can choose to be daring, comfortable and make sure to look good while doing it. So, for the latest fashion trends, fashion releases, make sure to visit the Zazashoo store.

We look forward to making your fashion dreams come true.


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