Who founded Zazashoo?

My name is Lydia, my nationality is German, I'm a mum of one and I like to think I’m trying to be a loving girlfriend, finally I am also the founder of Zazashoo Fashion & Art.

I have always been into fashion and art, especially into colourful and unique shoes, fashion illustrations and outrageous statement accessories. 

My friends would say that I have an individual style and taste. I know what I like, I know what makes you stand out from the crowd and I believe you should not be afraid to show it.

With Zazashoo you can find flamboyant slippers (which I am making myself in my utterly chaotic home office), one of a kind accessories and exclusive artwork.

The different collections enable me to cater for everyone but at the same time provide an artsy touch for individual tastes - you can have it all.

Whatever floats your boat!

Where did the Zazashoo journey begin?

Covid-19 and lockdown happened in 2020 and I was still on maternity leave from my “actual” job when I came up with the idea to create Zazashoo.

I have always struggled to find THE online store to have it all – colours, variety, glitter, animal print, sequins, embroidery, art and…most of all affordable! 

I wanted to curate a place for you to find wonderful fashion and art all in one website. I have searched all over the world to bring together a fabulous collection of artists, designers and creative minds. 

Our mission?

I once saw an inspiring quote "If you can't buy it anywhere, make it!". Therefore, I would like to give a part of my creativity back and make a difference in people’s lives by either feeling absolutely beautiful when wearing one of Zazashoo's pieces or being happy when looking at our exclusive artworks in your home.

Why the name "ZAZASHOO"?

According to our beloved Urban Dictionary Za Za Zoo means the following:

“Za Za Zoo is a phrase to describe that undeniably charismatically sexy something in someone. They've got style, pizzaas if you will.. something that grabs you even if you don't know what it is.”

That is exactly what I wanted for my store. The love for detail, the undeniable feeling you get when you really want something, the pizaaaz, the za za zoo!

I would like to reach likeminded art & fashion lovers, people who are as enthusiastic about details as I am and who would like to share this journey with me.

Lydia ♥